Edinburgh, Aparthotel

Amco, working in conjunction with Union Hanover Securities, acquired this site located beside the Union Canal in the heart of Edinburgh City Centre in December 2015. Significant value was added through obtaining detailed planning permission for a 180 bed aparthotel and obtaining formal rights of access onto the canal tow path. The project was extremely complicated for a number of reasons;

  • The site was a plot of a larger unserviced site and Amco negotiated terms for the seller to provide services to the plot.
  • A major sewer runs through the site requiring not just for the sewer to be moved but also a specific building design to accommodate the new position of the sewer and specific terms in the acquisition contract to deal with this.
  • As the site is adjacent to the Union Canal towpath, the amenity of the hotel could be vastly improved if access rights could be obtained. Amco negotiated suitable terms to ensure these rights were obtained at no cost to the client.
  • Finally, as the rest of the larger site was sold to a third party, the terms of the acquisition had to be amended to reflect different site servicing provision.